Tracks/route infos list
Tracks/routes list
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
main_activity_menu_next_track Next track/route 下一轨迹/路线
main_activity_menu_offline_map Offline map 离线地图
main_activity_menu_open_files Open files 打开文件
main_activity_menu_prev_track Previous track/route 上一轨迹/路线
main_activity_menu_pro_version PRO version 专业版
main_activity_menu_rotate_map Rotate map 旋转地图
main_activity_menu_search Search 搜索
main_activity_menu_settings Settings 设置
main_activity_menu_show_waypoints Show waypoints 显示路点
main_activity_menu_switch_map_type Switch map type 切换地图类型
main_activity_menu_switch_track Switch track/route 切换轨迹/路线
main_activity_menu_take_screenshot Take screenshot 截图
main_activity_menu_tms_map Online map 在线地图
main_activity_menu_track_recording Track recording 轨迹记录
main_activity_menu_trackbook Trackbook Trackbook
main_activity_menu_tracks_routes_info Tracks/routes list 轨迹/路线信息
main_activity_menu_unfollow_gps Don't follow GPS 不要跟随GPS
main_activity_menu_unrotate_map Don't rotate map 不要旋转地图
main_activity_menu_user_guide Help 帮助
main_activity_menu_waypoints Waypoints 路点
main_activity_menu_waypoints_info Waypoints list 路点信息
main_activity_menu_weather Weather 天气
main_activity_menu_wms_map WMS map WMS地图
main_activity_track_route_name_all_track_routes All tracks/routes (%d) 所有轨迹/路线 (%d)
map_buttons_0 Compass button 罗盘按钮
map_buttons_1 Location button 定位按钮
map_buttons_2 Zoom buttons 缩放按钮
map_buttons_3 none
map_gestures_0 Rotate gestures 旋转手势
map_gestures_1 Scroll gestures 滚动手势
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Tracks/route infos list
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